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vmtk - the Vascular Modeling Toolkit

The Vascular Modeling Toolkit is a collection of libraries and tools for 3D reconstruction, geometric analysis, mesh generation and surface data analysis for image-based modeling of blood vessels.


Sep 29, 2011: Compilation instructions updated

The instructions for compiling from source have been updated. Thanks to recent developments in CMake, the compilation phase for vmtk will also download and compile VTK and ITK for you, all with the right CMake options. To get this feature, make sure you download the development version from the git repository.

Jun 19, 2011: Update on Summer school vmtk - Fluent - Paraview, 12-15 Sep 2011

Thank you to everybody who signed up so far, the school has a very international audience. There are a few spots left and we decided to keep applying the early registration rates, so it's not too late to sign up. Of note, Ansys Italia and HP Italia will be supporting the school. Here's a detailed schedule of the school. Feel free to circulate it, see you in Segrate in September!

Apr 27, 2011: Summer school on vmtk - Fluent - Paraview, 12-15 Sep 2011

To all people interested in a 4-day course on computational hemodynamics from images to simulations using vmtk, Fluent and Paraview, please visit http://www.cilea.it/formazione/corsi-hpc/summerschool2011/. The school is organized by Cilea and Orobix, in collaboration with Ansys Italia and it is open to international attendees. Please register ASAP if you are interested, here's a link to the printable flyer if you want to publicize the event.

Mar 30, 2011: Development switched to Git

Lately we are using Git for our development workflows, and Subversion was not fitting very well in there anymore. Thus, we switched from Subversion to Git as the official versioning system for vmtk. We kept the source code on Sourceforge, which now also supports Git. The Subversion repository will stay there for a short while but it won't be updated anymore. Please visit the Download page for details on how to get the source code using Git.

Feb 22, 2011: New contributed tutorial

Marina Piccinelli (Math&CS Department, Emory University) has contributed a great tutorial on mapping and patching. Take a look at it here.

Feb 21, 2011: New scripts and classes

A few new scripts have been added to the repository, namely vmtkmeshvectorfromcomponents (for building, say, a Velocity vector from u, v, w components), vmtkmeshvorticityhelicity (for computing vorticity and helicity from a velocity field through an L2 projection using finite elements), vmtkmeshlambda2 (for computing lambda2 - to identify vortex cores - from a velocity field through an L2 projection using finite elements).

In addition, mesh I/O has been enhanced with a reader and a writer for the Tetgen (.node and .ele) format (the classes do not depend on tetgen). Thanks to Sebastian Ordas for kicking off the work.

Sep 27, 2010: vmtk 0.9 packages for Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat released

Johannes Ring just created packages for the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 release, Maverick Meerkat. Visit the Installation page for instructions.

Aug 11, 2010: vmtk 0.9 released

We're proud to announce that vmtk 0.9 has been released. Here's the ReleaseNotes09. Thanks to the collaboration between Orobix and Johannes Ring form Simula, we now ship binary packages for all major platforms (Debian, Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Windows, all 32 and 64bit). Starting to work with vmtk is only a few clicks away...

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Page last modified on September 29, 2011, at 04:25 AM